Saturday, October 11, 2008

"Humble Frog"

Ok. Well I got more response than I expected on my first post. And beings as I got a couple of comments about the meaning of my nickname/screen name, "Humble Frog," I decided to explain the meaning of this nickname.

Well set your way-back machines to 1997. Clinton was in office, I was at BYU, and I had just gotten off my mission. I was living in the dorms, and had two pursuits, girls and video games. And not necessarily in that order. Well anyway, the game of the day was "Warcraft." Not the huge on-line one that is popular today, but the orignal cheesy version which was one of the first with an on-line component. Xbox and PS2 were years in the future, and you had to play on a computer.

Well the game involved killing large amounts of skeletons, vombies, and other monsters of a fantasy variety. Also you could play cooperatively with a friend on another computer. In addition you could embrace your darker side and become what is called a "player killer." You could kill the friend you were playing with. Such activities obviously were frowned upon, and it made you person non grata in the gaming world. However, everyone did it because you couldn't resist the urge to be a little evil. While wanting to fit in and enjoy the fun (don't judge or psycho-analyze I was 21 and full of testosterone) I wanted to create a new character that I could enjoy the fun of killing my friends without the stigma of being a player killer, I decided to create a new character.

Well the first step to making a great new character is to have a great new name. Well I couldn't think of any thing cool. I had run through a bunch of others (Doc, Doc Holliday, Doc the Stud, Doc the Stud Holliday, John the Stud; I know again I was 21 and girl crazy) so I ask my roommate "Fozz" (his real name was Josh Fozzard) what I should name my new character. He thought ponderously for about 20 seconds and announced "Homo Frog." Well mishearing him I heard the name "Humble Frog," and the name just stuck. It sounded cool, a little weird, and definitely unique enough that no one else would have it. So "Humble Frog" was born, and has continued to this day as one of my aliases.

So there is the story. Enjoy.


Candy said...

glad to have that story clarified...btw, you've been tagged...see my blog for details

Dawnzer said...

Did someone say Humble, isn't that an oxymoron for the writer of the blog? Just teasing! Actually, your doing great. Keep blogging baby, and welcome to the computer world of rants and raves. Enjoy!!